Business strategy 
EUROPEAN GROUP is always striving to expand its commercial relationships, open new horizons and locate new opportunities.  
We look forward to creating long lasting business ties to guarantee mutually rewarding cooperation. 
EUROPEAN GROUP employs state-of-the-art technologies and takes a personal approach for realizing projects on our clients’ behalf, in Markets such as America, Asia, Africa East & West, CEE and the Middle East. 

Business Concept. 
EUROPEAN GROUP is engaged in the trade of various types of fuel with dedication to excellence in research and analysis, professional trading, and operations management. Such engagement was possible after a vast experience in the oil and gas industry. 
EUROPEAN GROUP maintains active relations with major oil companies and direct seller and buyer mandates, has extensive business and valuable political connections around the world. 
EUROPEAN GROUP in its representation as facilitators of Suppliers and Purchasers of Oil and EUROPEAN GROUP products, aspires to direct negotiation with final customers, traders, refineries and distributors, considering the capacities of each part in terms of commercial transactions taking into consideration their production and financing capabilities. 

Economic Intent 
EUROPEAN GROUP is a profit oriented company that contributes to the community and the country through affiliations with local institutions that does direct work with members and employees of the community.  
Our company works in cooperation with various foreign companies of which the majority are investments company who are willing and able to provide the necessary financial platform upon which we build and integral infrastructure that supports the development of the country and society.